ENIGMA’s Nordic Cuisine – A Passionate and Poetic Affair

Another one for the bucket list ticked off! A fine-dining experience in one of Dubai’s molecular gastronomy restaurants, the kind that Instagram lover’s dreams are made of. It was none other than  the stunning ENIGMA at the absolutely stunning Palazzo Versace Hotel. ENIGMA’s concept borders hosting a distinct Michelin-starred chef from the world’s top restaurants every three […]

Tasting Ramadan at Olea

A few more sunrises, and we’ll be in the season of Ramadan again. I’m already seeing grocers in a scurry to put up their lovely dates and sweets displays. My inbox is inundated with press releases on Iftars, Suhoor, Ramadan tents, season closer parties, pop-up boutiques and restos who will deliver during the day. For […]