Ramadan Ramblings and Al Hadeerah’s Iftar

I can’t believe we’re two weeks into Ramadan already! Each year I become more and more acclimated to Dubai’s sudden vibrational shift. This is when nightlife comes to halt, and the city is brimming with Ramadan decorations and a superfluity of advertisements for lavish Iftars & Suhoors. The din of after-work rush hour traffic switches […]

I Don’t Own The Burj Khalifa

It’s not uncommon for expats to be prodded with random, innocuous questions from friends and family. Some are smart questions driven by curiosity, some are loaded questions, and some are…well, kinda silly questions — BUT, all well-intended I’m sure. They’re often the same, to the point I’ve considered turning them into a pamphlet! No judgment, though, […]