I Know God Loves Me Because He Made Something Called Frying Pan Adventures

Absolutely beside myself with the Frying Pan Adventures Middle East Pilgrimage food tour I went on this week! A MUST for all foodies, visitors, or anyone wanting to do something off the beaten path. Four Hours of Culinary Delight = Frying Pan Adventures In a city where the food scene is ballooning, there is still […]

I Don’t Own The Burj Khalifa

It’s not uncommon for expats to be prodded with random, innocuous questions from friends and family. Some are smart questions driven by curiosity, some are loaded questions, and some are…well, kinda silly questions — BUT, all well-intended I’m sure. They’re often the same, to the point I’ve considered turning them into a pamphlet! No judgment, though, […]

Caribbean Fêtes in Dubai – Who Knew?

Caribbean Queen

Does Dubai have Caribbean people? Yes! Does Dubai have Caribbean parties? Yes! One of the things that surprised me about the UAE is its flourishing and escalating Caribbean nightlife scene, neatly cushioned by its African music counterpart. Dubai, which has a prestigious nightlife scene, has been described by some as the Middle East’s Las Vegas […]