Cephalopods on Fleek

Italian Truffle Spray used on Calamari

Tentacles of any kind terrify me. Especially from those dreadful 100 legged critters from back home – The Centipede. I KNOW they are Beelzebub’s doing. There is just no logical reason those things need to exist. There are, however, some tentacles I don’t need a war plan for — those from squid. Yes, THOSE tentacles, […]

Ramadan Ramblings and Al Hadeerah’s Iftar

I can’t believe we’re two weeks into Ramadan already! Each year I become more and more acclimated to Dubai’s sudden vibrational shift. This is when nightlife comes to halt, and the city is brimming with Ramadan decorations and a superfluity of advertisements for lavish Iftars & Suhoors. The din of after-work rush hour traffic switches […]

Fresh Nails and Dope Conversations

One of my greatest joys of living in Dubai is the opportunity to meet and converse with people from places I’ve never heard of, or know next to nothing about. Travel and Expat life will certainly make you more gregarious, and thus more comfortable talking with strangers. Living far away from home, we become masters […]