And Just Like That, Ramadan is Around the Corner

Last week, I got to taste what Fümé downtown has in store for Ramadan this year. I’ve been to the one at Pier 7, but it was my first time experiencing the one in Downtown Dubai.

Results: As soon as I arrived, my food-geek interest antennas awoke. Fell in love with this neighborhood eatery with a seductive feel and fabulous street-facing windows where you can enjoy a dazzling view of the stunning Burj Khalifa. Best of all, we were seated upstairs near their open kitchen where you can see Chef Davide and his staff in action preparing our lovely dishes.

As our tasting samples begun to arrive, I bounced into an Insta-snapping swoon over this deceptively simple bowl of a quinoa salad with fried okra, pomegranate molasses salad. I really, really loved that! Their fumemzze, consisting of hummus, labneh and smoked muhammara was delectable.

Ramadan: Quinoa, okra and pomegranate molasses salad
This quinoa with okra was a lovely taste explosion. Photo courtesy of The Qode.
Ramadan: Fetaoush feta cheese, fried eggplant, cherry tomato baby gem, red radish & avocado
The Salad: fetaoush feta cheese, fried eggplant, cherry tomato, baby gem, red radish & avocado. THIS is the holy grail of salads. Everything you can ever want…sweet, salty, crunchy, savory, creamy.*sigh* Photo courtesy of The Qode.

As with any mezze, I often feel I can feast on just the breads and spreads and be happy with that. And that Spiced Raspberry Mule mocktail….refreshing, spicy, and soooo good! And then came out the hot bowl of one my local favorites: Moroccan Harira Soup, which is a traditional soup eaten to break the fast of Ramadan. Packed with flavour and ridiculously hearty, this soup was PURE LOVE.

Ramadan at Fume
I can gorge on this all night. Just yum!
Ramadan: Fried calamari, Thai chili sauce, fresh lime 2
Their fried calamari with Thai chili sauce and fresh lime will satisfy your deepest seafood cravings. Photo courtesy The Qode.
Ramadan drink at Fume
I’m so sorry, mocktails, for making fun of you in the past. Please forgive me. 😀 This was sooooo refreshing!
Ramadan: Sauté chicken liver, white baguette and herbs oil
Sauté chicken liver, white baguette and herbs oil. OK. I did NOT try this, simply because I’m not a fan of liver, but it sure darn looked good. Photo courtesy The Qode.

Ramadan: Smoked lamb harira

Their smoked lamb harira hit my sweet spot. Photo courtesy The Qode.

I honestly could not eat any more. I left there happy and ready to hit the hay, knowing I must return in June for the month of Ramadan to try rest of the food. Especially the Um Ali with Labneh Ice cream. Oh-my, oh-me – that sounds like a seat in heaven!

Ramadan: Um Ali, honey & labneh ice cream 2
One of my favorite Middle Eastern desserts: Um Al. And theirs is served with Labneh ice cream! This is what will make be go back for sure. Photo courtesy The Qode.
Ramadan: Basbousa with lime curd and fresh berries 2
Basbousa with lime curd and fresh berries. Seriously? This is brilliant!

Thank you The Qode for inviting us to sample this brilliant feast!

Ramadan: Menu

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